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8 days before the GRE’s…an update


I can’t really study while watching the debate tonight, so I thought I would throw in a little update (my mom’s begging for it).

I’m taking the GRE’s a week from Saturday and am scared sh*tless. Yup. I have studied so many goddamn vocab cards, relearned how to do any math I learned in elementary and middle school and learned how to write an essay that only someone at the ETS would love. I’m ready to be done. So ready.

On another front-that marathon. Oh yeah-remember when I said I was training for a marathon-the Marine Corps Marathon to be specific? Well I was, up until last Thursday, the 18th (the day after my birthday, mind you). Let’s see…I got in a little mishap at work. A sign fell on my right big toe causing some serious damage. I ended up with a broken toe, a cut under my toe nail near the bed where I needed several stitches and my toe nail was removed. When I saw a doctor on Monday as a check up I mentioned to him that I was training for the marathon. He didn’t even give me false hope-just said that there were always more marathons. And one week later, all I have done is sit on my bum for 8 days because I can’t walk anywhere. UGH. I’m very frustrated by this whole situation and am ready to be able to walk again and be active. Being inactive is hell to me. I have another appointment next Tuesday with hopefully good news. Forget running a marathon-all I want to do is be able to do 10 minutes on a fricking elliptical machine!

Ok. I’m done. Back to the debate (does anyone else find Obama’s voice soothing? I have no problem announcing who my presidential candidate is). Hopefully I’ll be back next Saturday when I can throw my copious flash cards out the window. Peace.